American Working Farmcollie Association

Arkwright-T Nanny McPhee 119 PRGN English Shepherd

November 22nd, 2008
Health Clearances
MDR1 Normal/Normal
Reproductive Status
Sandi Thomas
Antelope OR
Nanny has worked sheep at a herding clinic and has cattle and poultry at home. She will work to assist her masters whether at home with her own livestock or elsewhere with strange livestock, and will herd independently at home when she sees the need to return escapees to their pen, etc.
She wanders through the poultry yard but doesn’t bother the chickens goose guineas etc. She assists in gathering moving and sorting the cattle at home. Nanny sometimes grips the livestock on the heel and varies the intensity of the grip to suit the type of livestock and situation.
Nanny patrols at night and keeps the coyotes away, and keeps deer out of the orchard. She routinely hunts rodents and pests and eliminates them or attempts to drive them away.
Nanny is gentle and protective toward Children and does not show aggression to stock unless absolutely necessary.
Nanny announces the arrival of strangers but does not act aggressively toward them unless they pose a threat.

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