American Working Farmcollie Association

Blacksheep Homestead’s Dinah 15 PRGN English Shepherd/Rough Collie

August 13th, 2002
Reproductive Status
70 lbs.
Tish Toren
Rock Stream NY
Dinah is a superior guardian.  The comfort and safety of the babies on the farm is of utmost concern.  She is so gentle with the lambs that even the ewes are undisturbed by her presence.  She and a ewe snuggled around a lamb on a very cold night to keep him from freezing.  She prefers the presence of the stock to humans.  Dinah is excessively gentle with children.  She can also move animals.
She does best with the easygoing sheep, but will stand her ground now that she has gained some confidence.  She works best in conjunction with a more dominant dog.  Dinah is very soft and is easily discouraged by too harsh of a correction.  She is very aware of her territory and will patrol the perimeter, watching for intruders.  She will also kill and eliminate rodents.  She announces the arrival of strangers, but is never menacing.

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