American Working Farmcollie Association

Chesney’s DR Vestige Rebel 8 PRGN

Health Clearances
Reproductive Status
Sheryl Chesney
Spartanburg, So. Carolina
Rebel was a son of Dunrovin’s Ole Shep who had a rough start in life.¬† He was rescued by an English Shepherd breeder, Janice Sallee, who thought his bloodline should be preserved, but her specialty was black and tans. So Rebel went from a bad situation where he “chased the horses” and was going to be shot to a loving home where he sired some crossbred farmcollies.
He eventually wound up in the hands of Sheryl and David Chesney where he sired a great litter of registered English Shepherds out of Chesney’s Lilly of the Valley.
A very sweet biddable dog, Rebel epitomized the loving family farm dog that so many AWFA breeders are wishing to preserve.

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