American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Buccaneer 28 PRGN English Shepherd

June 22nd, 2004
Reproductive Status
65 lbs.
Angela Smith
DeQueen AR
Buck is a dominant, bossy dog who excels at keeping order.  He is very protective of his kid goats and nurturing even to baby chicks.  Buck will place himself between the children and perceived threats.  He is a very territorial dog who keeps intruders away and is always within earshot of his master.  He runs off birds, trees squirrels, and kills vermin.  He is friendly to regular visitors, but more guarded with strangers.  He doesn’t show much finesse in herding but does get the job done by ordering the animal to move and then following through with a heel or hock nip if the animal doesn’t get the idea. He will crouch in threat when one-on-one with a goat, but stands upright otherwise.  He is generally loose-eyed but will give a harsh stare if need be.
He has been seen moving the whole herd, uninstructed, down a fence line and back through a hole in the fence where they escaped from their pen.  Buck is independent -minded but will listen to direction.  He is obedient and enforcing of hard-fast rules.

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