American Working Farmcollie Association

Cimarron Pearl Hart 109 PRGN English Shepherd

Call Name
Health Clearances
MDR1 Normal/Normal
OFA Excellent
Reproductive Status
Ken & Michelle Collins
Grafton IA
Penny works sheep,  equines, and poultry.
Penny prefers to heel, but will sometimes grab a tail or nose.  She is  gentle with the babies but will get as tough as needed to get the job done.  She does not quit on the job no matter how long it takes.
Penny hunts pests within her territory.  She also uses tracking skills to problem solve.  She trees aggressively and is very serious about removing predators form the territory.
She is very gentle with and protective of  and children that she is bonded to.  She always has your back. Penny  is always alert to anything amiss and returns escapees to their proper pens.
Penny is not overtly friendly to strange people, and sounds the alarm, then removes herself form the area but remains alert and watchful.

Sounds like a lot of dog! PRGN ~ Tish Toren

Sounds like a wonderful farm manager….  I do love a dog with “oomph”! PRGN! ~ Judy Bates

More about Penny

Daughter of Kozar’s Molly 02-01-121-PRN es

Granddaughter of Sojourner’s Jacob 01-99-106-PRGN es

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