American Working Farmcollie Association

Concharty’s Airyanna Rose 103 PRGN English Shepherd

June 20th, 2006
Reproductive Status
Ruth Hippler
Many, Louisiana
Airy works goats. She nips heels and “bites” hocks to move the goats, she doesn’t go for the neck often but when she does it is often a momentary grip”. She grips to make them move faster, to turn them and to hold them.
Although her contact with babies has been limited, Airy is very gentle and nurturing with them. She protects the chickens from predators.
Airy barks treed and will kill prey if she can get to it. She uses tracking skills to problem solve.
A very active dog, Airy is strongly bonded to one person. She announces visitors and does not act aggressive toward them unless they pose a threat, she is very protective of her pups.

Gotta love a farmdog that loves the babies 🙂
~ Tish Toren

She certainly sounds like a lot of dog!
~Judy Bates

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