American Working Farmcollie Association

Houlahan’s Pipistrelle 78 PRGN English Shepherd

February 7th, 2002
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .67/.71
OFA Good
Reproductive Status
43 lbs.
Heather Houlahan
Cranberry Township PA
Pip is a certified search and rescue dog who has seen much of the world. She visits farms frequently and has been worked formally on sheep and ducks. She has spent time around poultry, goats, sheep, horses and cattle. Pip will not bother these animals on her own but shows a keen desire to help once her master gets in the fray. She will often grip on the butt and varies the intensity to suit the stock. She uses dominance postures to control the stock and she rarely barks except with sheep at clinics.
Pip is extremely nurturing with kittens and is protective toward young poultry. She is gentle with (and slightly amused by) kid goats. She is an enforcer and demands that all critters obey the rules and act appropriately.
She is a diligent groundhog killer and delights at their eradication. She is independent minded but trainable and seeks to achieve whatever end goal with her master.

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