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Million’s Blacksheep Trailer 101 PRGN English Shepherd

May 31st, 2007
Reproductive Status
Leslie Million
Fordland MO
Trailer works horses, sheep, and poultry with a fantastic immediate command and steady reliable  enforcing of rules. He is a natural low heeler, by herding style, but will not hesitate to grab a nose if the animal needs to learn some immediate respect.  He prefers to drive but will gather.
Trailer  is left loose with the livestock and does not harass them.   He responds to distress sound of the animals and protects them from intruders.
Trailer kills rats and opossums and will stand on the tree while barking treed for squirrels.
Whatever the job, from moving livestock to picking blackberries and pulling weeds Trailer does his best to help.  Trailer loves all people and greets them with a wag and a smile.

Wow, Some Dog! Sue Hogan

Sounds like a fantastic young farm dog!!!  he does it all with a tailwag to boot! Judy Bates

Pedigree for Trailer

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