American Working Farmcollie Association

Orchard Hill’s Ember 128 PRGN English Shepherd

February 1st, 2008
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .64/.74
MDR1 Normal/Normal
Reproductive Status
Kris Hazelbacker
Grangeville ID
Ember has worked sheep, cattle, horses, and chickens.  She is generally a very loose-eyed dog but she sometimes uses a dominant stare and upright posture and shouldering to control livestock.  She seldom barks never grips.
Ember often returns escapees to their proper pasture, she is calm and steady and very good with young stock.  She tries to nurse the babies.
Ember uses tracking skills to problem solve and loves to hunt birds and rodents.  She barks treed and is not easily distracted.
A moderately energetic dog that is very attuned to her master, Ember is easily discouraged by verbal correction but resilient to physical correction.
She is usually very friendly to strangers unless they are really out of the ordinary.

Sounds like a nice and calm worker…PRGN

-Judy Bates

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