American Working Farmcollie Association

Pint-a-Rosa’s Prudence 30 PRGN English Shepherd/Rough Collie

April 27th, 2003
Reproductive Status
50 lbs.
Cheryl Moore-Smith
Cape Neddick, Maine
Prudence has shown ample ability in herding and guarding.  Being one of four dogs, she does not have much opportunity to earn her stripes.  On the occasions that she has been asked to help, she has learned the chores that need to be done each evening.  With that understanding, she helps where she can driving from behind and nudging the poultry along.  She has never gripped.
Prudence has chased off intruders, including a hawk and stray dogs.  She loves to tree squirrels so much that the squirrels around know just how high she can jump to reach them.  She will stay and bark at them for hours.  She can be sent in to root out vermin and will eliminate them.
Prudence is a very soft dog who can be discouraged with over-correction.  She prefers to be around her masters and will not go near the livestock unless she is asked.  She will announce the arrival of strangers, but is not suspicious.

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