American Working Farmcollie Association

Stein’s My Darling Clementine 90 PRGN English Shepherd

June 24th, 2006
Reproductive Status
45 lbs.
Cathy Stein
Blue Rock OH
Clemie has worked goats, chickens, and ducks. She is Alpha here on our farm, above our other two ES, in ‘doggie’ pack order. She likes to enforce the rules.
Her deeply devoted nurturing and guardian behavior with newborn goats, kittens, baby chicks and ducks is equally appreciated here on our farm. She is patient and shows concern by her desire to stay with whatever stock she perceives as being threatened. She will stand in front of any particular stock she feels is vulnerable, including children, and block any other animals attempt to come too close to them.
Clementine absolutely loves children. She stays at their side at all times even choosing to sleep with them at night and during nap-time. She is very protective of the little goats or those that are vulnerable due to injury or illness. She uses the least intrusive method required to control stock when needed. Clem is delicate and methodical, not abrasive when caring for stock. Her first attempt is simply using her presence and moves in closer to get a response. She will bark when necessary.
She does protect the territory and livestock and is territorial. She routinely eradicates pest varmints and predators by chasing them off of our land or treeing them and holding them there until we come or by catching the varmint herself.
She is a very good watchdog readily announcing intrusion by barking. Clemie loves people and although she can bark madly at visitors first arrival, she is barking with her tail wagging. She most likely would permit a visitor out of their car and is friendly enough to give them an escorted tour of the farm by herself!

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