American Working Farmcollie Association

Toren’s Blacksheep Lady 50 PRGN English Shepherd

January 10th, 2003
Reproductive Status
59 lbs.
Tish Toren
Rock Stream NY
Lady is strong in herding and guardian nature.  She has a lot of grip, but after much work has learned to control her bite and can work safely with sheep, goats and poultry.  She has a nice natural gather and will head or drive with wear. She works calmly but is alert to problems, threats, and will react with only the amount of force necessary.   She is brave and bossy and enjoys her job as “henchman.”
Lady is gentle with the lambs, licking them clean.  She must be discouraged from actually trying to steal the lambs from the ewes.  She will stand between her stock (even the cat) and any perceived threat.
She is acutely aware of her boundaries and will not leave the property.  Lady has not been encouraged to actively hunt but she does eliminate pests.  She is a very laid-back dog who is extremely good with children.  She is a moderately soft dog who takes instruction well.  Lady is very devoted and always looking to help.

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