American Working Farmcollie Association

Toren’s Blacksheep Nellie Bly 41 PRGN English Shepherd

August 2nd, 2004
Health Clearances
Penn Hip - 90th percentile
Reproductive Status
39 lbs.
Tish Toren
Rock Stream NY
Nell is extremely intelligent and early maturing.  She excels at varying her herding intensity to suit the situation, rates stock well, and has a beautiful natural outrun.  She has a strong instinct to keep the flock together and will head or heel as needed.  She will grip on the heel or hock when required to. Nell can control her bite enough to fetch poultry, catching them with her paws and carrying them.  She nurtures and defends all the baby livestock and faithfully patrols the perimeter, treating trespassing animals with malice. Nell is an avid mouser and will dig out and kill woodchucks.
She is a soft dog and is easily corrected.  Too much scorn will discourage her.  She has good sense and will occasionally disobey a command if she feels it is necessary.  In such instances, she is usually right.  She is loving with family and friends and reserved with strangers.  Nell is very devoted, a little serious, but good-natured and very honest.  She gives her all in everything she does and is always ready to help.

Granddaughter of:

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