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Registered Dogs



S Bar L Sioux McCaine 147 PRG

Flyby's Sassy Girl 146 PRGN

Cutín Loose Artful Dodger 145 PRG

S bar L SoulRap 144 PRN

Old Time Shepherds Ella 143 PRGN

Jewel of Fair Meadow 142 PRGN

Chesneys Stephenson Robbie 141 PRN

Finger Lakes Flora 140 PRGN

Gavin of Gracehaven 139 PRGN

Salt Creek's Saturnalia 138 PRGN

Cimarron Jesse Stone 137 PRGN

Cimarron Hello Mary Lou 136 PRGN

Blacksheep Finn McCool 135 PRGN

Strongwind Max 134 PRGN

Cimarron Dalby McClintock 133 PRN

Blacksheep Rowdy Yates 132 PRGN

Ward's Majestic Shasta 131 PRGN

Sunway Makin' Ewe Move 130 PRG

Golem's Mighty Mighty 129 PRGN

Orchard Hill Ember 128 PRGN

Sylvan Moon's Maeve 127 PRGN

Cimarron Ben York 126 PRGN

Pint-A-Rosa's Bronson 125 PRG

Finger Lakes Danny Boy 124 PRGN

Cedar Creek Maggie Mae 123 PRGN

Toby of Seldom Rest Farm 122 PRGN

Moon Valley Wildwood Flower 121 PRGN

Knicknack Paddy Whack 120 PRGN

Arkwright -T Nanny McPhee 119 PRGN

Little Bit's Decidedly Jake 118 PRGN

ML Church's MacDuff  117 PRGN

Pretti's Boston Gypsy 116 PRGN

Backer's Acres Emma Good Girl 115 PRGN

Backer's Acres Cimarron Buddy 114 PRGN

Kimball's Jet Peaslee 113 PRGN

Heidi 112 PRN

McGregors Cailean 111 PRN

VKs Bonnie Bell 110 PRGN

Cimarron Pearl Hart 109 PRGN

Connor's New Judy 108 PRG

Beebe's Lola of Goochland 107 PRGN

Goochland's Honey Weiss 106 PRGN

Blacksheep Remington Steele 105 PRGN

Fingerlakes Miss Lady 104 PGN

Concharty's Airyanna Rose 103 PRGN

Blacksheep Kermit's Flame 102 PRGN

Million's Blacksheep Trailer 101 PRGN

Lassie of Fair Meadow 100 PRGN

Emmaline of Fair Meadow 99 PRG

Black Ranger Shooter 98 PRGN

Red Bank Ace in the Hole 97 PRGN

Heidtman's Smudge 96 PRG

Essence of Perfection 95 PRGN

Hippler's Mighty Goliath 94 PRGN

Gethsemane Missys Princess 93 PRG

Nexus Farm Abby 92 PRGN

Stein's Skip to My Lou 91 PRGN

Stein's My Darling Clementine 90 PRGN

Jake 89 PRGN

Shepherd's Way Toast of the Town 88 PRGN

Heiland Thistle's Diego 87 PRGN

Sweet Lamint of Shepherd's Way 86 PRN

Schilligs Cheyenne Dream 85 PRGN

Schilligs Miss Ely 84 PRGN

Schilligs Dakota Dream 83 PRGN

Strider of Meadowsweet Farm 82 PRN

Cedar Creek Belle-Aire 81 PRGN

Black Knight Shooter 80 PRGN

Heidtman's Shep 79 PRGN

Houlahan's Pipistrelle 78 PRGN

Goochland's Hubba Bubba 77 PRGN

Coire 76 PRGN

Trooper 75 PRGN



Cimarron Guthrie's Bud 74 PRGN

4J Acres Sandy 73 PRGN

Stony Creek's Uptown Girl 72 PRGN

Cimarron Indigo Skye 71 PRGN

Gaia's Gift Blacksheep Hooligan 70 PRGN

Gaia's Gift Polly Flinders 69 PRGN

Hetzner's Mona 68 PRGN

Cimarron Cinders 67 PRGN

Corley's Jack O' Hearts 66 PRGN

Cimarron's Cheeky Galileo 65 PRGN

Shepherd of the Flock's Best Crazy Lou 64 PRG

Shepherd's Way Mace 63 PRGN

Toren's Cimarron Red Rooster 62 PRGN

Carney's Lass Keary 61 PRGN

Cimarron Peggy Sue 60 PRGN

Cedy's King Solomon 59 PRGN

Cimarron Whiskey River 58 PRGN

Cimarron Sweetheart of the Rodeo 57 PRGN

Thomas' Char-Gin Boston 56 PRGN

Egertsen's Copperfield 55 PRGN

Brink's Molly Jo 54 PRG

Chesney's Trillium 53 PRGN

Cimarron Rustler 52 PRGN

Chesney's Dusty Miller 51 PRGN

Toren's Blacksheep Lady 50 PRGN

Thomure's Koshi 49 PRGN

Thomure's Maximillian 48 PRN

Sasha Ann Moore 47 PRGN

Missy 46 PRGN

Dylan 45 PRGN

Cline's Concharty Ad Lib 44 PRGN

Hippler's Flying Rumor 43 PRGN

Brown's Gyp at Farm's Pride 42 PRGN

Toren's Blacksheep Nellie Bly 41 PRGN

Red Bank Blonde Haired Angel 40 PRN

McCall's Big Casino 39 PRGN

Egertsen's Sasha Marie 38 PRGN

Toren's Blacksheep Suzy 37 PRGN

4J Acres Lassie 36 PRGN

4J Acres Gabby 35 PRGN

Thomas' Pawpy 34 PRGN

Sleeter's Red Bank Wonder Woman 33 PRG

Rockin J Bossman's Bo 32 PRGN

Lanza's Lassie Boy 31 PRGN

Pint-a-Rosa Prudence 30 PRGN

Peaslee's Honey 29 PRN

Cimarron Buccaneer 28 PRGN

Brushwood's Honeysuckle Rose 27 PRGN

Tiglay 26 PRG

Tucker of Starlighthill 25 PRG

Windshadow's Pippi Longstocking 24 PRGN

Powerpak's Sneak Attack "Presto" 23 PRG

AuxArcs War Eagle "Cypher" 22 PRGN

Powerpak's High Roller "Vegas" 21 PRGN

Sloan's Rip Tara 20 PRGN

CK Bailey Mo Chroi' 19 PRGN

Shooter's Ricochet "Bailey" 18 PRGN

Gillie 17 PRN

Chesney's Brandywine Danny 16 PRGN

Blacksheep Homestead's Dinah 15 PRGN

Blacksheep Homestead's Hannah 14 PRGN

Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw 13 PRGN

Good Shepherd's Jack 12 PRGN

Good Shepherd's Hallelujah  11 PRGN

Tank's Aberdeen 10 PRGN

Chesney's Haley Paw Paw 9 PRGN

Chesney's DR Vestige Rebel 8 PRGN

Kozar's Omega 7 PRN

Power of the Powwow 6 PRGN

Chesney's Kalalilly 5 PRGN

Chesney's Lilly of the Valley 4 PRGN

Chesney's Banjo 3 PRGN

Red Bank Shooter 2 PRGN

Celt 1 PRGN


Previously Registered Dogs




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