American Working Farmcollie Association


What is PRGN?

Registered Dogs

These farmcollies are registered under the original AWFA numbering system.

Traveler 01-99-101PRG es

FoxCreek’s Jovial Jake 01-99-103PRGN es

FoxCreek’s Fearless Felicia 01-99-104PRG ac

Sojourner’s Jacob 01-99-106PRGN es

Sojourner’s Lady Jennifer 01-99-107-PRGN ac

FoxCreek’s Maiden Molly 02-00-109 PRG

Good Shepherd’s Judah 02-00-110-PRGN

Good Shepherd’s Ellie 00-00-111-PRN bc

Susie Q 00-00-115 PRN es

Cook’s Old Shep 00-00-116 PRN es

Traveler’s Lucy 02-00-118-PRGN

Daisy 02-01-120-PRGN

Kozar’s Molly 02-01-121-PRN es

Shiloa of Field’s Farm 02-01-123 PRGN

Comanche Gus 00-01-124 PRGN es

Lady Jane G. 00-01-127 PRN es

Bravehearted Highland King 00-01-128 PRGN ac

Buster 01-01-129 PRGN

Violet 00-01-130 PRN bc

Beau 02-01-131 PRN

Prairie Dove 02-01-132 PRGN

Thyme For Ewe Maggie 02-01-133 PRGN

Sadie 02-02-135 PRGN