American Working Farmcollie Association


Standard of the American Working Farmcollie

Physical Characteristics

A farmcollie is an athletic, agile dog. He should be the size most appropriate to the jobs he must do. His body shape is balanced with no exaggerated features. He has a double coat, which may be rough or smooth and is acceptable in any color. A rough coat should be of medium length. The coat sheds easily in the summer and does not mat. Dirt and burrs are not a problem for him as his coat seems to almost clean itself so he requires very little grooming.

His ears may be prick, tulip, or rose.

A “Dudley” (pink pigmented) nose is not desirable.


A farmcollie is an intelligent and devoted companion, helper and guardian. He knows where home is, and stays there.

He is not incessantly active, nor does he lie around and do nothing. His activity level is appropriate to his responsibilities and environment.

He is a gentle dog, but is capable of great force when necessary and does not hesitate to show appropriate hostility when his master or his master’s possessions are threatened.

He thinks on his own and possesses a large measure of common sense, but he is willing to learn from a master who will take charge.

Working Ability

A farmcollie is a multi-purpose worker. He is a herder, hunter and guardian, and he shows a strong desire to assist his master in a wide variety if tasks. He can be trusted not to bother livestock when his help is not needed. He is capable of gathering or driving and often moves animals on his own when he sees the need. He knows where each animal belongs and works to keep them there. He is protective of all members of the family and all livestock he knows to be “his”, and will defend them against any perceived threat. He guards his master’s home and possessions.

He is a good hunter and tracker. He trees prey, repeatedly notifying his master with a distinct “treeing” bark, and holding the prey there for an extended period of time unless another more pressing responsibility calls his attention away from the tree. He regularly eliminates pests such as mice, rats, rabbits, and groundhogs. He can be trained to hunt certain types of prey for his master.

Qualifications for AWFA Registration

Section 1

Any dog who is of Scotch Collie Ancestry (or appears to be of Scotch Collie ancestry if background is unknown) who resembles the breed standard and qualifies in two of the three working categories qualifies for permanent registration. Such a dog must be at least one year old. Dogs of the same background but with unproven working ability are eligible for provisional registration.

Section 2

Litters that have at least one registered AWFA parent and a remaining parent of a collie breed or approved other breed, may be issued a litter registration. Owners of the individuals of such litters may also apply for permanent registration.

Section 3

A Certificate of Merit will be given to dogs who qualify in each of the three working categories. In order to qualify for this the owner of the dog must give verifiable evidence of the dog’s working ability in that particular category. This evidence can consist of a video tape or a live observation by a qualified AWF representative.

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