American Working Farmcollie Association

Brown’s Gyp at Farm’s Pride 42 PRGN English Shepherd

March 23rd, 2001
Health Clearances
OFA Good
Reproductive Status
50 lbs.
Barbara Brown
Ilderton, Ontario, Canada
Gyp is an intelligent girl with a magnificent power of discernment.  She knows what is pack and what isn’t.  She is gentle enough to herd chickens but shows enough force to keep the neighbor’s cows away from her territory.  Gyp shows a motherly guardian nature, protecting her chicks, cats, and children from other dogs.  Gyp will stay with the children, shielding them from harm.
She is a very territorial dog who stays home.  She observes predatory birds and chases them out.  Stray cats and dogs are not permitted to enter her yard.  Gyp immensely enjoys treeing prey and loves to chase rabbits.  She routinely hunts vermin and eliminates them.  She is a very willing fighter even if faced with large or vicious prey.  Gyp is a moderately soft dog who is very in tune with her people.

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