American Working Farmcollie Association

Dylan 45 PRGN English Shepherd

December 25th, 2004
Reproductive Status
80 lbs.
Judy Hase
Sutherlin, Oregon
Dylan was adopted as a pup from National English Shepherd Rescue.  He is a big lovable Search and Rescue prospect who is closely bonded to his family and always ready for a game.  Dylan helps with the two goats that accompany them.  While hiking one day, they flushed up a turkey and her poults.  All the poults escaped except one who was tangled under the tall grass.  Dylan held it there until his owner arrived and could get it untangled.
He is protective of home and master.  His herding was tested by Patrick Shannahan who said, “Dylan was very keen and interested to work. Dylan kept focused and took supervision from me.  Dylan doesn’t have much ‘eye’ but he did stay connected with the sheep the entire time.  He wanted to go around and gather.”
Although Dylan doesn’t have a strong desire to find and dispatch pests he will take care of snakes that startle his owner.  As a Search and Rescue prospect, Dylan’s tracking skills are adequate for a hunting designation.

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