American Working Farmcollie Association

Emmaline of Fair Meadow Farm 99 PRG English Shepherd/Rough Collie

April 1st, 2003
Reproductive Status
Carol Pinkard
Hawkins TX
Emma is a bossy dog who likes for everything to be in its place. She is most concerned with protecting the chickens from strange birds. If the occasion calls for it, she grips on the heel or hock, and likes to gather. She has worked goats poultry and the neighbor’s cattle. She varies the intensity of her grip when this is called for, and grips on the heel or hock. Emma prefers to gather.
Although she is not interested in hunting, she uses her sense of smell to patrol the territory and assure that all is well.
Emma is gentle and loving with the babies and the children, and is very protective of them around strangers.

Sounds like she’s found her niche and is working it fully.
-Sue Hogan

Daughter of

Sojourner’s Jacob 01-99-106-PRGN es

Granddaughter of

Sojourner’s Jacob 01-99-106-PRGN es

Sojourner’s Lady Jennifer 01-99-107-PRGN rc

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