American Working Farmcollie Association

Golem’s Mighty Mighty 129 PRGN Shetland Sheepdog

Call Name
May 28th, 2004
Reproductive Status
Claire Apple
Pittsboro NC
Brick has worked sheep, goats, cattle, turkeys, guineas, ducks, chickens, cats.  He is very fast, so is very good for poultry, but likes to push, so probably goats are best suited to his style.  He is often too fast and pushy for calm work of sheep.  A loose eyed upright dog, he only works when needed and walks right up to the stock and makes them move.  Brick likes to drive, and while his natural style is gathering, he will practice driving on his own and is always ready to set up for a drive and go.
Brick will place himself between livestock and strange dogs and people.  Once when working on the driveway, the neighbors’ dog came by to see what the sheep were – he took off, rolled him several times and chased him back onto his home property, then came back to his sheep. Will chase off vultures and hawks, as well as fox near his stock.
He will fly in to enforce his master’s demands.  He is a fantastic alpha in the household and keeps everyone on an even keel, humans included, by preventing fights before they happen.
Brick does not bark treed – he has been selected for NOT barking!  He has plenty of prey drive and hunts and eliminates pests and rodents.
Brick is moderately active, opinionated and trainable.  While he is very much a one person dog, he does work out in public nearly every day, and has no problem greeting strangers calmly and letting them pet him or shake hands.

“Wow! I say again, wow! PRGN”

~Sue Hogan

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