American Working Farmcollie Association

Good Shepherd’s Hallelujah 11 PRGN English Shepherd

June 20th, 2002
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .45/.36
Reproductive Status
50 lbs.
Amy Dorsch
Stockton ILL
Holly’s guardian instincts are phenomenal. She is caretaker and defender of her flock. As an extremely nurturing guardian, she is very low in prey drive. She will herd, but only when needed to accomplish a practical task or to maintain the status quo. She is a territorial dog who stays home, at the ready if duty calls. She herds out of duty to her master but delights in being the boss, not taking any sass from her charges. She will use just enough force to complete the task. Holly shows no inclination to tree prey but is adept at hunting and killing rodents and pests. Holly is a fairly soft dog who responds to easy correction without pouting. Holly is cautious with strangers, but will look to master for guidance. She has a definite preference for her people and has little interest in others.

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