American Working Farmcollie Association

Heron’s Coire 76 PRGN English Shepherd

September 6th, 2003
Reproductive Status
David Heron
Davie FL
Coire is excellent at sorting sheep. His master will point to “that one” and Coire will casually walk up to them and then pounce and hold the sheep there until his master comes to his side. He herds goats from one pen to the other.
He is an incredibly stout-hearted dog who took on an alligator that tried to eat a new pup. He also became injured while defending the house from an intruder. Coire shows extreme interest in all infant stock and has even been known to carry a lamb up to the house.
He knows his territory and stays home to defend it. He uses tracking skills to find rodents and other pests and chases them away. He loves his people and is wary of strangers. He is jealous of the grandchildren that visit and resents their presence.

Coire was bred by Sheryl Chesney.

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