American Working Farmcollie Association

Hetzner’s Mona 68 PRGN English Shepherd

December 7th, 2003
Reproductive Status
42 lbs.
John Hetzner
Kooskia ID
Mona is a ranch dog with duties including cattle herding and chicken protection and penning. She works in dense brush to move out bulls and cow/calf pairs. She will bark her command for the cattle to move and then give a nip at the nose or heels if necessary. Once they are moving, she positions herself to move them in the right direction. Mona does not quit and will see that the job is finished no matter how tedious it gets.
She cares for kittens and chicks and naturally respects the calves and foals who have mamas watching over them. Mona is especially vigilant in her guard against coyotes and ravens. She will run below the predatory birds that swoop over the chickens. She is stout of heart and has treed bears, but she usually sticks to squirrels.
She routinely hunts rodents and eliminates them. She is quick, agile and athletic but appropriately mellow when needed. Mona is a fairly soft dog who thinks on her own but also takes direction well.

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