American Working Farmcollie Association

Kimball’s Jet Peaslee 113 PRGN English Shepherd

December 15th, 2004
Health Clearances
MDR1 Normal/Normal
OFA Good
Reproductive Status
Kristin Kimball
Jet has worked dairy and beef cattle. He keeps the bull away from people and out of the barn. He works quietly without a lot of commotion. He captures escaped broilers and hens when asked, and keeps the pigs back so they can be fed without crowding the farmer. He has worked sheep at a herding clinic and seemed to like it.
Jet is very bonded to and in tune with his master.
Jet grips appropriately, usually on the neck when he feels his master is threatened. He prefers to gather.
He chases off strange cats but is best friends with our barn cats. He kills wild rabbits but ignores the domestic rabbits. He keeps visiting dogs away from the toddler, the chickens and the cats. He alerts to the sound of coyotes anywhere on the farm, which is one of the few times he barks. He treats baby livestock with care when herding, and his presence is accepted by their mothers.
Jet is biddable and easily discouraged by correction. He will hunt and kill rodents and woodchucks, and chases off crows and seagulls. He is exceptional at knowing his territorial boundaries and stays home!
He is diplomatically protective of the 2 year old daughter. When strange visitors rrive, he quietly positions himself between them and the child until he is assured they’re friendly. He is equally diplomatic with visiting dogs. He doesn’t let them get near her, but he does it “politely”. Nobody gets too excited around him. He is good at diffusing potentially volatile situations before they become something that he actually has to handle.

PRGN …and then some 🙂

-Tish Toren

What a well rounded dog with a fantastic work ethic! PRGN…

-Judy Bates

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