American Working Farmcollie Association

Lanza’s Lassie Boy 31 PRGN English Shepherd/Rough Collie

February 7th, 2002
Reproductive Status
60 lbs.
Serena Lanza
Wilmington MA
Lassie Boy is a great example of an all-round farm dog, exercising exemplary judgment in his farm dog duties.  He uses his brain to assess situations and uses only the amount of force called for when working with the stock.  He herds poultry gently, bringing them in from the woods at night so they roost in the safety of the coop.  He will use whatever tactic is needed to move the goats.
He insists that all animals stay in their place and will work to keep them there, or put them back if they escape.  Lassie has also been known to break up fights between pack members.  He stands guard over young stock, keeping other animals away.  He will let kittens eat from his bowl and chase stray cats away. When a hawk or other predator comes around he will round up the stock and put them inside.  He patrols the borders early in the morning to see that it is safe and free of predators.  When he returns, the poultry can be let out safely.  He will tree squirrels and eliminates vermin.
Lassie is a very intelligent boy with a mind of his own.  He has selective hearing, but his judgment is excellent and he often knows more about the situation than his master, so he is forgiven. He prefers dogs of his own pack and resents others.  When visitors approach he will bark but will quiet down and place himself between his master and the visitor until he deems that everything is safe.  He is content to lie around the fire, but is always ready to work when the need arises.

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