American Working Farmcollie Association

Peaslee’s Honey 29 PRN English Shepherd

October 30th, 2002
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .48/.43
Reproductive Status
43 lbs.
Mary Peaslee
Lake Oswego OR
Honey is a high drive herding specialist.  She has proven herself in multiple training sessions and has titles at AHBA sanctioned trials.  She works up close and powerfully.  She has the most experience with sheep, but cattle suits her style best.  She has also had success with ducks.  Honey is a loose-eyed worker, using dominance behaviors to control the stock.  Honey shows initiative when working and is capable of making good decisions without specific instruction.
She is not a farm dog and it is difficult to assess her guardian ability.  She has shown little indication of guardian tendencies through her herding style. She loves to tree critters and will attempt to climb the tree after prey.  On walks through the woods she will track and flush out whatever she can find.
She greets visitors with suspicion but will cease and desist once the visitor is welcomed by her master. She will defer to those she respects, but lets her opinions be known.  She gets along fine with other dogs who respect her space. Honey is a fairly energetic dog who will get restless without ample physical and mental exercise.

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