American Working Farmcollie Association

Sloan’s Rip Tara 20 PRGN English Shepherd

July 25th, 1999
Health Clearances
OFA Good
Reproductive Status
54 lbs.
Bill Corley
Doniphan MO
Rip wants to be the right-hand-man on the farm.  She is a very strong alpha female and *she* wants to be the one helping out the master.  She has never been asked to help, she just does.  She will help move horses from one pasture to another with the attitude of “Mom said to MOVE!”  If the horses get out she will put them back in.  She has strong heading instincts but will go to the heel if needed.  She will give a dominant glare to get the stock to move. Rip loves the foals and will lie with them.  She is wary of new horses but warms up to them when she sees that master accepts them.
Rip is one heck of a gopher dog!  She will sit at their holes and wait them out like a cat.  She also keeps coyotes and foxes at bay.  Rip is an independent-minded dog with good judgment.  She is overly friendly with most strangers, but will bark at those her master does not like.

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