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Stein’s Skip to My Lou 91 PRGN English Shepherd

November 25th, 2007
Reproductive Status
Cathy Stein
Blue Rock, OH
Skipper has worked goats, chickens and ducks.
Skipper is my “velcro” companion. He is an English Shadow and likes to stay by my side but extremely biddable when not. I appreciate his devotion and reliability.
Skip is the ‘backbone’ of this farm in that he is the bravest and will move in when more grit is needed to move stock. He never stand down to threatening behavior from the bucks.
He will corner and kill predators or stay at the bottom of a tree barking and holding it there until we respond or call him off.
Skip likes kids but allows Clementine to nurture them, preferring to stay by my side. He is trustworthy around children and will readily follow them around outside keeping a watch out for them for danger when not at my side.
While it is true that Skip is protective and territorial, he carries this trait into the stable and places himself at the gate inside the pen of the newborn goats. Mama goats permit him to clean them as well as their babies. He is devoted and will keep other animals and stock away from the newborns only permitting entrance to those who we designate he allow in.
Skip provides barking and shouldering when moving stock and will grip with his teeth when needed. His first choice though is to ‘punch’ stubborn stock with his snout to get them to move where we want them.
Skip is a great watchdog. He will not permit strangers out of their car unless we are there to call him off. He is more hesitant to accept new people, however, once introduced he is friendly and enjoys attention from them.
Off property in a public setting, Skip will walk on a leash and not bark or intimidate people. He will wag his tail in this case and greet them in a friendly manner. Same thing goes when visiting others in their private homes or businesses.

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