American Working Farmcollie Association

Thomas’ Pawpy 34 PRGN English Shepherd/Rough Collie

October 2nd, 2003
Reproductive Status
Sandi Thomas
Antelope OR
Pawpy was purchased with the original intent of being a “healer” for two children who had been traumatized by dogs.  She won their trust with her gentle playfulness.  She proved to be a wonderful farm dog as well, accompanying her family during chores and helping with herding tasks.  She will work the herd from behind using a sweeping motion to move them along.  She will not grip or bark.  Pawpy and the male English shepherd will take the animals back to pasture unassisted when the family is through working them. Her farm has few small critters for her to nurture, but her guardian ability is seen in her thoughtful herding.
She is a very territorial dog and will alert to any small predator entering the chicken houses.  Pawpy regularly hunts rodents and pests and eliminates them.  She signals the presence of strangers or things out of the ordinary.  She enjoys her people and likes to be with them.  Pawpy is a moderately soft dog who takes correction well without being discouraged.

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