American Working Farmcollie Association

VK’s Bonnie Belle 110 PRGN Rough Collie

September 10th, 2004
Reproductive Status
Natalie Hoskins
Fort Wayne IN
Bonnie has worked dairy goats in a farm setting – moving them from pasture to pasture, taking them out in the morning, and bringing them in for milking, as well as generally guarding them against predators/intruders, serving as nanny to the young, and keeping the escape artists at bay. She does not know what to do in “competition style” herding.
Bonnie never grips and uses body language to accomplish her goals. She is gentle with the babies but will get as tough as needed to get the job done. She does not quit on the job.
Bonnie hunts pests within her territory. She barks treed and also uses tracking skills to problem solve.
Bonnie is soft-natured, easily discouraged by correction. A moderately active dog, she has an awesome on/off switch.
She is very gentle with and protective of and children that she is bonded to. Bonnie’s boy is autistic and she serves as his therapy dog, she goes with him to all his occupational therapy sessions and the OT has utilized her in teaching him many things.
She will bark whenever anyone comes to the door, but as soon as they are allowed in, she is happy to greet the visitor well.

This girl is so nice and well rounded! PRGN!
~Sue Hogan

Sounds like a solid working partner and a well rounded farm dog! PRGN!
~Judy Bates

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