American Working Farmcollie Association

Ward’s Majestic Shasta 131 PRGN English Shepherd

October 30th, 2008
Reproductive Status
Andy Ward
Ada, OK
Shasta has worked sheep and chickens.  She often barks when herding and sometimes grips on the hock. has worked sheep goats and poultry.  She likes to gather.
Shasta is protective of her territory and vigorously runs off stray dogs and varmints.  She is gentle with baby livestock.  She’s very serious about patrolling and defending her territory and spends a large part of every day and night doing so.
Shasta is absolutely death on varmints, she has killed possums and once killed a raccoon that was in the chicken house- she was not willing to give up despite getting her nose scratched pretty deeply and the utter tenacity of this creature.
She has never bitten anyone, but if someone who she doesn’t know tries to come in the gate she can be VERY aggressive, however once she is shown that the person is welcome then she will allow them in every time.

Sounds like a very serious minded farm helper…PRGN

~Judy Bates

PRGN very focused.

~Sue Hogan

Shasta has many AWFA registered ancestors in her pedigree!

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