American Working Farmcollie Association


Canine Hip Dysplasia DNA Study

If you have an English Shepherd or an AWFA farmcollie that descends from Sophie II, please participate in the CHD DNA study at the University of Missouri.

Family information is vital for the study as the way they find the genes responsible for the problem is to compare dogs that are affected with closely related ones that are not affected. The easiest way for entire families to get into the study is for Breeders to participate and send samples from an entire litter at once. Complete families are critical to locating specific genes and markers. Wherever possible, submit samples from all siblings, both parents, and all available grandparents.

The study is confidential. It is of utmost importance that the information you provide with the samples is as complete and accurate as possible. The presence of disease, unusual, or “undesirable” characteristics should be revealed to the researchers wherever it has been identified. Information on specific, individual dogs will not be revealed – results of the research will identify what markers have been found, but not the names of those who submitted the samples where a characteristic was located, nor which individual dogs show affected or carrier status for any given condition. Information provided will be kept strictly confidential. As the research produces results, participants may request information on the genetic status of their dog(s).


Sending Information and Samples – an outline of what information is needed, and how to gather it.
Sample Handling – collection instructions to take with you to the veterinarian, and shipping instructions.
Individual Animal Information Form – form for information about each individual sampled
Litter Information – information on the litter (breeders, please complete this form)
Litter List – for listing all members of the litter (breeders, please complete this form)

If you are unsure about the pedigree of your dog, contact Elaine Reynolds. A pedigree that is as complete as possible will be provided for your dog at no cost to you for Study participants! Further questions concerning the DNA study may be addressed to Liz Hansen, Coordinator of Veterinary Information for:

Dr. Gary Johnson
209 A Connaway Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 884-3712