American Working Farmcollie Association


You are invited to participate in the American Working Farmcollie Association email list. This list is made up of people who have a common interest in training, breeding, using, or just admiring working Farmcollie-type dogs, including Old-Time Farm Shepherds, English Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Welsh Sheepdogs, Border Collies, AKC Collies, Scotch Collies, Bearded Collies, and crosses derived from these breeds. We like friendly discussions and new information and resources, and we excel at allowing everyone else the freedom to determine for themselves what to do with the information they receive.

To determine if this list is for you, here is a description of those for whom this list was created:

1) People with real Farmcollies (or people who wish they had one).
2) People who, on occasion, have traded hay, eggs, a pig or calf, labor, stud fee, etc. for a puppy.
3) People who won’t blow a gasket if someone’s breeding philosophy differs from their own.
4) People who believe that if the owner buys the dog food, the ultimate decision on when, how, etc. to care for and breed said dog is up to the owner.
5) People whose dogs have good hips and/or who are happy for others whose dogs do.
6) People who live on a farm.
7) People who wish they lived on a farm.
8) People who have visited a farm.
9) People who have wondered what a farm looks like.
10) People who have jobs, especially jobs that are or could be made easier by the help of a good dog.
11) People who don’t necessarily feed their dogs IAMS.
12) People who don’t make their dogs wear sissy sweaters.
13) People who will give their farm dog a real dog’s name like Bullet, Traveler or Zip.
14) People whose dogs might actually pick up a tick.
15) People whose dogs might chase a cat which crosses their path.

Oh, and one last important one- PEOPLE WHO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

If 5 or more of these things describe you, we would love to have you join us!
The purpose of this list is to share information on working dogs, including training information, “technical support” for new puppy owners, breeding information, or other items of interest. Controversy has its place, but we would rather it would be on some other list, unless it is a friendly, informative discussion we can all enjoy and benefit from. We have mutually agreed to dispense with judgmental attitudes when it comes to others’ decisions about their dogs, and unless you decide to do something REALLY silly, nobody will make fun of you.

If that sounds good,

                      sign up here!

Then send us an email introducing yourself and explaining your interest in Working Farmcollies, including experience you may have, future goals for breeding, working or training and describing any working dogs you currently own (or even dogs that you wish could work, but don’t!).

-The American Working Farmcollie Association