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AWFA Membership Application

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Dogs you own (include birth date/sex and lines if known): ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

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As a member in AWFA I agree to uphold: The American Working Farmcollie Association Code of Ethics

I, ____________ _________ _ , agree to abide by all of the guidelines set forth in this code to the best of my ability.

* I will conduct myself in such a manner as to be a credit to the American Working Farmcollie and to AWFA at all times.

* I will comply with all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the keeping of dogs.

*I will clearly and honestly represent the abilities and characteristics of the American Working Farmcollie.

* I will provide each of my dogs and puppies with appropriate training, socialization, health care, nutrition, and exercise.

* I will plan each breeding based upon the parents’ pedigrees, working ability, temperament, health and structural soundness, and the planned litter’s potential to fulfill an identifiable need and/or demand in the farming community.

* I will honestly represent the results of any screening for genetic problems to potential buyers.

* I will carefully screen prospective buyers and endeavor to place pups/dogs in homes where they will be well cared-for, properly managed and appreciated.

* I will educate prospective buyers as to the special needs and potential challenges of the American Working Farmcollie in order to help prevent potential training and behavior problems.

* I will provide “technical support”, referrals for assistance if I am not able to provide this help myself, and in general strive to be a resource for buyers of my puppies/dogs for the life of the dog

* I will not breed any dog before it is physically and mentally mature and has demonstrated appropriate working traits in at least two of the three categories necessary for AWFA registration (i.e., herding, guardian nature, hunting).

* I will not breed any bitch in such a manner as to compromise her health or well-being or that of her puppies.

* I will not deliberately malign another breeder or his/her dogs.

* I will not knowingly misrepresent or falsely advertise the abilities or characteristics of any of my dogs, their progeny and/or puppies I have available, nor mislead any person in any way regarding their health, temperament or performance. This includes full disclosure of any behavioral issues or aggression and/or biting incidents to prospective new owners.

* I will not provide puppies or dogs to commercial dog wholesalers, dealers, brokers, retailers, pet shops, or any other person or organization for the purpose of resale or give-away to the public.

By signing below I acknowledge that I have read, comprehend and agree to abide by the American Working Farmcollie Association Code of Ethics, and understand that if I may be suspended from AWFA as a listed breeder or member should I knowingly violate any of its terms.

Signed ________________________________________ Date _________________

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Information from the AWFA website may not be used without permission from the Board of Directors, by anyone other than the owner of the dog in question.