American Working Farmcollie Association

Registration Instructions

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Instructions for Filing Permanent/Provisional Registration Application

In order to qualify for permanent registration, your dog must:

1. Be at least one year old.

2. Show at least a general resemblance to the breed standard, with potential in the area of working ability.

3. Be of a collie breed or mix thereof (or appear to be if ancestry is unknown). Collie breeds include, but are not limited to: AKC collies, English Shepherds, Old Time Farm Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Bearded Collies, and McNab. Others by approval only.

4. To qualify for permanent registration, your dog must also demonstrate working ability in at least two of the three categories.

5.  Registration is available to dogs owned by AWFA members only.

Filling out the Registration Form

Photographs- Include at least one side shot and one full face photo of dog (must be in color). Additional action photos are helpful and can be described and explained in the appropriate “comments” section of the application.

A Certificate of Merit will be given to dogs that qualify in each of the three working categories. In order to qualify for this, your dog must give verifiable evidence of ability in that particular category. This evidence can consist of a videotape, or a live observation by a qualified AWFA representative. Contact the AWFA for further information if you are interested in pursuing a COM for your dog. Certificate of Merit is possible for dogs with either permanent or provisional registration (pedigree certificate).

Section A: Owner/Breeder Identification– fill out to the best of your knowledge, if you do not have a breeder name mark the space “N/A”.

Section B: Dog Identification– If the dog was registered with the AWFA as part of a litter, include the litter registration number and puppy name. If not, mark the space, “N/A”. If the dog was previously assigned a registration number under a provisional registration and you are now applying for permanent classification, include his AWFA registration number. If the sire and/or dam are unknown or unregistered, mark the appropriate spaces unknown or “N/A”.

Section C: Working Classification– Check all appropriate spaces. If you feel more explanation is warranted, include it in the “comments” space of the appropriate section. Anecdotes are helpful! If your dog is proven in one area, or not proven at all, but you feel he has potential, he is still eligible for provisional registration. In Comments section, detail what factors lead you to believe that he has potential in that particular area (pedigree information, general behavior, etc.) The more detail that you can give, the more helpful it will be for people who are looking for pups from your type of dog to find one.


These are essential to the registration process and very helpful in networking among breeders in the future.


All photos and information submitted become the property of the American Working Farmcollie Association.
Information from the AWFA website may not be used by anyone other than the owner of the dog in question without
permission from the Board of Directors.