American Working Farmcollie Association

4J Acres Lassie 36 PRGN Rough Collie

October 23rd, 2004
Reproductive Status
50 lbs.
Randy & Rebecca Bradley
Troup, TX
Lassie loves to herd!  Her on-the-job education has prepared her for her everyday tasks of moving the goats and cows.  She is gentle enough to work with chickens and powerful enough to move a stubborn cow.  She can be aggressive when working stock, but looks to her master for guidance.  Lassie protects the kid goats from the cows who come too close to the fence and she’s always around to clean their faces after feeding time.  She resents intrusion by coyotes and will stay on guard to insure the security of her territory.  Lassie has treed a squirrel, but shows little interest in pest control.  She takes direction well and gets along with dogs and strangers.  She has earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate.

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