American Working Farmcollie Association

Toren’s Blacksheep Suzy 37 PRGN English Shepherd

October 7th, 2003
Health Clearances
Penn Hip .38/.38
Reproductive Status
45 lbs.
Tish Toren
Rock Stream NY

Herding is Suzy’s specialty.  She works intensely but minds exceptionally well and will take direction.  She is a fairly reactive low heeler with a firm grip, but has learned to control it enough to move poults without injury.  Suzy is also adept at guarding gates and will protect her master from the ram.

In addition to her herding capabilities she is a nurturer, mothering all babies and guarding them from the other dogs. She prioritizes babysitting the children, sitting with them when she feels they need watching.

Suzy is also a strong territory guardian who resents intrusion by non-pack members.  She is slow to warm up to newly purchased stock, watching them carefully until they show no signs of ill intent.  She has attacked a strange dog that was harassing her poultry.  She regularly announces visitors but will stand down when visitors are greeted.  Suzy will track and kill vermin and dig out and kill woodchucks.  Suzy is extremely bonded to her master and will show jealousy of other dogs receiving master’s attention.

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