American Working Farmcollie Association

Chesney’s Lilly of the Valley 4 PRGN English Shepherd

January 10th, 2000
Health Clearances
MDR1 Normal
Reproductive Status
48 lbs.
Sheryl Chesney
Spartanburg South Carolina
Lilly is the definition of guardian nature.  All she is and does comes from a strong desire to care for, protect, and direct her pack.  She knows who belongs in her pack and may attempt to chase off new arrivals unless they are properly introduced.  She is loving and gentle with the poultry and tough enough to keep a hog in line.
She knows which animals belong in which pens. One night during a severe thunderstorm a tree fell on the fence in the horse pasture.  She and her pups guarded the hole for hours until the storm was over and the fence could be mended.  She is also a territorial dog who doesn’t stray.
She excels at alerting her master to things out of the ordinary.  As a young dog, two stray dogs came and tried to dig into the barn.  Lilly stood between the dogs and the goats and barked until her master could get there.  She has also guarded her master from a mad mama sow.  She would prefer to avoid confrontation, but will stand her ground if forced to.
Lily is an excellent hunter and will tree prey and eliminates vermin.  She has been taught to kill opossums and will bring them for her pups to eat.  She is a soft dog who corrects easily and may get discouraged if scolded severely.  If another dog gets scolded, Lilly will also scold that dog.  She gets along well with other dogs whom her master accepts.  She is friendly with strangers, but will announce their arrival.

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