American Working Farmcollie Association

Chesney’s Kalalilly 5 PRGN

July 14th, 2001
Reproductive Status
Sheryl Chesney
Spartanburg South Carolina
Kala’s guardian nature was her most exaggerated feature. She was gentle and protective of the chicks and ducklings and liked to stay with them. Her sire, the alpha male of the farm, would not let her help with herding, so she had very little chance to exhibit this trait but she proved sufficient in herding, anyway. Kala was extremely tender with the stock and preferred to move them with gentle nudges or trying to get them to follow her. If the stock was out of their pen, she would work with the other dogs to help put them back in. She would tree prey and eliminate pests. Kala was an exceptionally soft dog who could be discouraged easily. She was a fairly passive dog who was reserved with strange people but was quite affectionate with children.
Kala was stolen from her farm as a very young dog. Her unintended litter turned out to be a blessing to those who now live with those wonderful dogs.

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