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Power of the Powwow 6 PRGN Shetland Sheepdog

February 8th, 1999
Reproductive Status
Claire Apple
Pittsboro North Carolina
Pow has worked sheep, cattle, goats, turkeys, chickens, guineas, ducks, will herd cats and koi as well!  Pow rates well on most livestock and is able to handle both his own stock and strange stock at trials. Pow is very very dependable, good to work as many hours as I need him, works with clients well and is very flexible in chores. Has a good grip and uses it on his own and when I ask.
He lacks a kill shake on prey, but does them in by crushing with his jaws.  Several days ago got a opossum, will also hunt mice in the house.  Recent problems with foxes have put him on alert and he will chase and attempt to catch foxes.
Pow is patient and will walk on leash with strange children and do most of his commands for them.  He is very kind to young stock, and will make extra effort to lean over the back of a baby to grip mom on the nose if needed.  He rarely grips babies, and you can tell by the fact my lambs are very calm and obedient very early.
Very territorial.  Attacks strange animals already in is territory silently, taking them down to kill.  I had to save a neighbor’s idiot dog that had gotten into my fenced backyard – I had let Pow out and all I heard was a squeak  – went out and he had him by the throat.  He will chase off deer and foxes, as well as vultures and hawks.
He will guard and bark at the fence and not let strangers in, but when I’m there he is totally fine with strangers and their dogs.  Since I run a herding dog training business, there are clients all the time, and he’s great.
I love this dog!
~ Elaine Reynolds

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