American Working Farmcollie Association

Chesney’s Trillium 53 PRGN

April 5th, 2005
Reproductive Status
45 lbs.
Sheryl Chesney
Spartanburg SC
Trill is an exemplary guardian.  She watches over the does during kidding and is there to help clean off the babies as soon as they arrive.  The does trust her completely.  She uses her familiarity with the goats to get them to move. Trill excels at moving stock using gentle persuasion so as not to stress them. She is the dog of choice for moving timid babies whom she moves by gently touching them.  She never grips the stock.  She also moves ducks and chickens. Trill loves her stock and prefers to stay with them.
She will also tree critters and hunt and eliminate pests.  She will avoid confrontation with large prey and attempts to chase them off rather than kill them.  She is an ample tracker.  She is a very laid back dog who spends most of her time lying around observing.  She takes direction well without being discouraged.  She is also mildly protective of her family.  She is tolerant of children but will go away from them if they get too rough.

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