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McGregor’s Cailean 111 PRN Rough Collie

November 27th, 2005
Reproductive Status
Natalie Hoskins
Fort Wayne, IN
Cailean has only had the chance to work sheep at stockdog trainers. He never grips but works in an upright manner with body positioning and shouldering and low growls.
Though everything about his behavior indicates that he probably has a great deal of guardian nature, this cannot be assessed with certainty until Cailean has an opportunity to bond with livestock. He is extremely territorial, announces the arrival of anyone he views as an intruder. He is constantly patrolling property lines when he is outside.
He will stand on the tree and bark treed, but would rather chase pests away than kill them.
He is a soft dog and very responsive to directions of his owner.
He will not allow anyone in the door unless his owner is there to welcome them in. He is very gentle with and protective of and children that he is bonded to. On two different occasions when someone entered the house while only he and his owner’s autistic child were in the living room, he bit the intruder.

I can see him blossoming once he has a farm of his own!
Sue Hogan

Sounds like a wonderful dog! PRN
Tish Toren

– Cailean is pronounced like “Kay-Len”, it’s scotch gaelic for “young warrior.”

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