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Muller’s Heidi 112 PRN Border Collie

Reproductive Status
Cyndi Muller
Rock Falls IL
Heidi has worked cows hogs and horses. She doesn’t grip, rather snaps and nips hocks and necks. She is very quiet when working alone.
She is easily biddable but does not work stock unless asked. She will hunt and kill rodents and has killed raccoons.
She is a soft dog and very responsive to directions of her owner.
She does not allow visitors out of the car until her masters tell her it is OK, and has nipped at them when they chose to ignore her. She welcomes known visitors, such as the UPS man, with a happy bark.
When groups tour the farm Heidi usually circles the group. She has never been aggressive toward any child.

Nice oomph, and sounds like she makes good decisions about when to pour it on and when to be laid back.

Sue Hogan

Sounds like a nice working BC without the “over drive…”

Judy Bates

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