American Working Farmcollie Association

Red Bank Ace in the Hole 97 PRG English Shepherd

Call Name
June 1st, 2007
Reproductive Status
Mark & Lisa Martin
Capitan NM
Although he is quite biddable to his superiors, Arlo also shows a lot guardian nature and rules orientation.
He commands the respect of the goats that he lives with. He is alert to escapees and returns them to their proper pen. He grips appropriately to enforce rules. Arlo loves the babies and the mothers generally allow him to lick and nuzzle them. Arlo is very protective of those he loves.
He barks at strangers and prevents them from coming into the yard, but stands down and is friendly once his owners appear on the scene.

This is a really nice “classic” farmdog who rates his stock really well. I think in only having livestock around for three months, the herding style the dog is using now could very likely change over time and as the dog garners more experience.. .but the instincts are spot on!

-Judy Bates

Arlo is linebred on Dunrovin Ole Shep with four crosses of that dog.

Pedigree for Arlo

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