American Working Farmcollie Association

Roberson’s Sweet Shylah 164 PRGN Rough Collie/GSD

Call Name
March 6th, 2014
Health Clearances
CEA: normal eyed carrier
PRA-rcd2: clear
MDR1: mutant/normal
DM: clear
PennHIP: .26/.27
Reproductive Status
78 lbs.
Mari Robinson
Jemez Pueblo, NM
Shylah is a moderately-driven farmcollie with experience herding chickens, sheep and goats.  She primarily employs posturing and shouldering to move her stock, but will mouth gently to get stubborn sheep moving and to hold a chicken still for her owner.  She knows where all the livestock belong, alerts when they’re in the wrong place, and won’t quit on the job until everyone’s back where they should be.
Despite her herding chops, Shylah is gentle with babies and her attentions are allowed by the mother animals.  While she doesn’t mind her day-to-day routine being changed, she does know that livestock shouldn’t be fighting and will break up skirmishes.  She knows her property and announces all visitors enthusiastically.
Shylah is a proficient vermin hunter who has been observed dispatching rats and mice.  She also drives rabbits, ground squirrels and coyotes off her territory.  She works primarily by sight, but tracks at times, as well.

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