American Working Farmcollie Association

S Bar L Sioux McCaine 147 PRG Australian Shepherd

October 26th, 2003
Reproductive Status
Sabine Martini-Hansske
Lautertal Germany
Sioux has worked goats, sheep, ducks, cattle.  She uses some shouldering with an upright posture.
“Sioux is our main go-to dog for all works around our farm.  She will work mostly goats – on a daily basis. She can work ducks but doesn’t like them and won’t work too heavy cattle.  She’s very good with lighter type of cattle. Sheep that are too light are a bit problematic because she prefers to work very close to the stock.  Although she communicates very well that she’s not threatening although she’s close, sheep that are more used to a dog that works from a greater distance need some time to adjust to her herding style.”
She is keenly aware of the difference between his stock and strangers, and will protect her stock from strange dogs.  She knows her territory and stays there, defending it against other predators.  She disciplines rule breakers and will make the other dogs and livestock obey if they ignore their master’s commands.
A moderately active dog, Sioux has no interest in prey and will bark a greeting to visitors.  She loves all people.


~Tish Toren

Sioux is a daughter of Asca Hall of Fame sire:

Rafter MT Coal Tuff

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