American Working Farmcollie Association

Markholt’s Sammy 148 PRGN English Shepherd

December 25th, 2010
Reproductive Status
40 lbs.
Bob and Sherry Markholt
McKenna, WA
Sammy is a stand-up herder who prefers to drive stock rather than gather.  She has worked all kinds of livestock – cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens.  She does not herd chickens, but rather will catch an individual bird without hurting it, and hold it for the owner.  She does not quit on the job.
Sammy shows gentle and protective behavior to baby livestock and children.  Her presence is accepted by mothers, and she treats baby stock carefully when herding.  She is equally oriented to humans and livestock, and will stay with children while they are playing, and keep ill-tempered livestock away from humans during feeding or doctoring.
Sammy knows the limits of her territory and stays there.  She will defend livestock when they are threatened, running off predators.  She patrols the territory and drives strange animals, including predatory birds, away.  She’s been seen running hawks away from her owners’ free range chickens and backing down coyotes through the fence.  She does not allow livestock to fight, either.  She disciplines rule-breakers and tattles on offenders who break the rules.
Sammy trees prey and will tree or corner and bark for help.  She loves to tree squirrels, and will hunt and kill pests.  She will track rodents and raccoons, but hunts primarily by sight.  She’s quick to learn new commands, and always has her master’s back!

“This one’s a keeper, and then some!” 

~ Tish Toren


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