American Working Farmcollie Association

Finger Lakes Red Rhona 149 PRGN English Shepherd/Rough Collie

August 18th, 2009
Reproductive Status
45 lbs.
Rachel O'Dell
Yarker, Ontario, Canada
Rhona herds livestock when needed and varies her intensity according to the need.  She is moderately active, keeping an eye on the farm from a position where she has good visibility.  She will alert to escapees and return them to their proper pastures.  She is a barking herder who goes right up to stock and makes them move.  She will only grip or nip if she thinks the situation is serious, and she’s never injured an animal.
Rhona works rabbits, goats and cattle; she is gentle and protective of baby livestock, and also children.  She guards her territory, announcing the arrival of strangers and driving predatory birds away.  She is very protective of her owners and watchful of their backs.  She tattles on and will discipline rule-breakers and is quick and eager to learn.
She will tree prey and sometimes catches squirrels, but doesn’t usually kill them.  She attempts to chase larger prey.  She hunts primarily by sight.

“What a wonderful farm helper . . ” 

~ Judy Bates

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