American Working Farmcollie Association

Salt Creek’s Saturnalia 138 PRGN Rough Collie

Call Name
December 22nd, 2007
Health Clearances
MDR1 Normal/Normal
CEA Normal/ Non-Carrier
Thyroid Normal
OFA Fair
Reproductive Status
60 lbs.
Merry Cearley
Sequim WA
Gypsy is a drivey herder with a great “off-switch.”  She has lived with goats, sheep and poultry.  She is a header and is equally good at rating sheep and goats with the punch necessary to make the goats respect her.
Gypsy only works when needed and uses dominance behaviors to control the livestock.  She sometimes grips when herding, and rates her stock well.  She does the bulk of her herding without direction since she already knows what her job is.
Gypsy is very gentle with babies, and will get as close to them as possible!  She is gentle and protective with children and shows no aggression unless absolutely necessary.
Gypsy patrols her territory and routinely hunts rodents and pests and eliminates them. She announces the arrival of strangers.

Sounds like a great dog! PRGN
~Judy Bates

PRGN Bossy girl!
~Sue Hogan

More about Gypsy here.

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