American Working Farmcollie Association

Widdershins High Pockets 154 PRGN Rough Collie

Call Name
High Pockets
June 7th, 2012
Health Clearances
CEA Normal-eyed carrier
PRA-rcd2 Clear
MDR1 normal/normal
Cyclic Neutropenia Clear
PennHIP .26/.26 DI
Reproductive Status
60 lbs.
Merry Cearley
Sequim, WA
High Pockets is a moderately active dog who herds sheep and poultry.  Her style varies with the type of stock; she does not bark or grip while herding.  She has a strong preference for driving away from the handler.
Her forte is caring for and guarding baby livestock and children.  She is gentle and protective of young things, and will defend children from stock.  She guards her master’s back when dealing with stock.
High Pockets is territorial, announcing visitors, keeping an eye on the property and chasing away predatory birds, strange dogs, and other animals.  She routinely catches and kills pests, but prefers to chase larger animals off the property rather than fight with them.  She has a good nose and uses it to track prey and check on intrusions onto the property.

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